Oh my aching muscles...

Now I am not complaining so don't get me wrong but between the gym and bellydancing I am S-O-R-E! My weight loss is going slowly but surely which is all I can ask for. I am just going to keep at it and before long I know I will reach my goal.

B is on her last day of Pre-K today and then she moves up into the wonderful world of Kindergarten. She is doing good in school and is enjoying it. She is also doing great in swim class so that is nice. She really loves the water and asked her teacher on the first day of lessons when she was going to learn how to dive. She is too funny sometimes. :c)

Scott and I are doing well. Most things are just status quo which is nice.

The weather is heating up here in our part of the world so we are bracing for a very warm summer. We have been up in the 100's several times already this year so it looks to be a long one. Oh well, I still say it is better than the cold. :c)

I will try to get some pictures on here soon so you can see the fam and how we are all doing.

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SuzyQSparkles said...

That's the way I've been... slow and steady. All of the sudden, my pant size is going down, even though my weight isn't changing much. I just hope it too will start to decline soon.

I am glad at how much better I feel, weight loss or not, I can tell that I don't get winded/worn out as often. I'm doing MUCH more hiking and walking and stairs, so that's simple exercise, but it makes a difference.

I tend to agree with you on the hot/cold thing. At least you can jump in a pool to cool off, me, my feet are cold half the year here. :P