New Treasure!

I just wanted to share with you that I have the Best Friends and Family a girl could ask for. My dear friend Becky gifted me with the most wonderful treasure a little over a week ago and I wanted to publicly thank her for it. (I will post a picture of it tonight or tomorrow). Stay tuned to find out what is was and why I love it so!


Oh and I got a surprise treat in the mail today from my wonderful Mom and Dad. Thanks guys for thinking of me. :c)

All is well...

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who called and emailed me yesterday after my icky surgery. I appreciate your sweet thoughts. Everything went well and I am back in the saddle today. I get my stitches out on Monday (not especially looking forward to that) and then perhaps one follow up visit and I should be right as rain.

Thus far I have no real discomfort and no swelling. I am not taking any of the painkillers they gave me, just the occasional Advil if it starts to ache. Dr. Kerr did an excellent job. Let me know if you ever need a great Endodontist here in the valley. He and his staff were so amazing with me and my needle issue. 9 shots is not easy for someone with a needle phobia! :c(

Scott stayed with me yesterday in case I needed anything and once Bay was home from school she spent her entire evening cuddling with me and making sure I was OK. I really do love my family!

If this is the worst life has to hand me then I am doing just fine. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. So I am dancing! *twirl*

First Day of School

This morning went off without a hitch! She woke up all smiles and wanted lots of hugs and kisses so nothing was out of the normal there. She ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth. She got dressed in her uniform she picked out the night before and came happily bopping in to get her hair done. She grabbed her water bottle out of the refrigerator and stopped at the door to ask me to take her picture before she grabbed her backpack.

I looked around for my camera that was on the ledge and it was GONE! Ack! worries. I grabbed my cell phone and shot 2 quick pictures as we headed out. So ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure I present to you:

My Little Schoolgirl!

When we got to her new school we parked and walked in. She immediately went over to her new teacher and gave her a big hug, hung up her backpack, sorted out her cubby and signed in. She took the red crayon out of the cup and wrote her first name and then took the purple crayon out and wrote her last name. She explained to me this was so they knew her name was 2 words and not just one. She then introduced herself to another little girl, told her they could be friends and then went to work on one of the computers in the room. As I was getting ready to leave she gave me a hug and kiss and told me she would see me tonight.

Huh...guess my work was done! She didn't need me to stick around at all. She was ready to go and get started on her new adventure and my supervision and help were not required. It made me giggle a bit on the way out to my car. She has always been a confident child and has never been nervous in new settings, she just takes a leap and has at it. I like to think I have something to do with this and her confidence but I think all kids are just born how they are and we as parents just help to guide them based on that. She is just naturally outgoing and confident. She likes new challenges and seeks to make friends no matter when or where. I take comfort in knowing this and it really makes me feel good. She will be fine in life because she knows how to adjust and adapt.

Today my baby girl started real school (well Pre-K, but at a real school...not daycare) and she stood on her own two feet just fine. I am swelling with pride and satisfaction. :c)