Valentines & Friends

For Valentines Day this year S had to work (yea & ugh...) so Bay and I went to H's house and met up with B and the kids to make sugar cookies and cupcakes. It was lots of fun and a little too much sugar cookie dough was added to my waistline but what the heck!

Holy Sugar Cookies Batman but my child is almost as white as the flour on the counter! She definately takes after her mama in that department. Sad thing is that she is actually tanner than me. :c)

After the baking festivites H was kind enough to entertain my offspring for me for a little while so I could go run some errands before my big trip this week. I was able to get some shopping done and then I had to pick up Bay so we could head off to a Birthday party for one of her friends from school at Chuckie Cheese.

It never ceases to amaze me how loud that place is! Just thinking about it now is making my head hurt. Luckily for me I have several amazing friends and Haydee and Bernard came to join me there so I would have some adult interaction to save my sanity. It turned out to be a little more fun than I thought. I got a boatload of tokens and we all set out to get tons of tickets for Bay! She had so much fun and came home with a Pink rubbery Iguanaesque lizard toy that she loves. Sadly she broke it 2 days later because she would not put it down for a minute. Oh happens!

So that is the quick and dirty on how we spent Valentines Day. Now I am off to get ready to drive to Cali and then fly to Hawaii. Aloha!

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