Bay is heading to Hogwarts...

We got her Robes (uniforms) and her potions and cauldrons (school supplies) ready to go. OK so it isn't really Hogwarts but it sounded fun. Miss Bay is getting ready to go to her first real official Big Kid School. Here are some cute pictures of her in her uniforms. She was dying to try them on and I was dying to get some pictures so it all worked out for your benefit! Enjoy. :c)

She is so excited to be starting at big kid school and I must admit I am a bit excited too. It is sad to think she will not be across from my office anymore but it is rewarding to know she is ready to move on and move up in the world. She is only heading into Pre-K but it is still a big move for her since she has been at the same daycare center since she was 8 weeks old. She did their Pre-K program last year but with her being a December baby she missed the cut-off for starting K without testing in. I could have tested her and did have her on the list at one point but thought better of it. While she has the academia part of it down I think that she needs more time to grow and mature. Being almost 4-5 months younger than other kids in her class is huge at this age so I took her name off the test in list and decided she will go when she is ready next year. She will be ahead of the curve and if it comes to it we could also test her up a grade later if that is what she is ready for. Time will tell and we shall see what we see!

At any rate, she loves that she gets to wear skirts and dresses most of the time so it will be less of a fight getting her ready for school in the mornings. She has 2 pairs of shoes, one in blue and one in brown so she will be able to match everything. Believe it or not that matters to her. She picks out her own shoes every day and always makes sure to let me know that they match and if she doesn't have a pair that will match perfectly she goes for her clear flip flops. She has also taken to picking out accessories for her daily outfits. Yesterday when we went to the Cowboy event she made sure she had on a necklace and ring to match. When we came home she put them away and later when we went out again she picked a new set out to compliment her change of clothes. She is too funny! I hope her future boyfriend has enough money to support her love of shoes, purses and jewerly. :c)


Heather said...

She looks so cute in the uniform!!! I love that getting dress is not a battle before school becuase everthing matches :) A still loves picking out so interesting socks though!
We'll have to get a picture of them in thier matching uniforms :)

Cricket said...

We don't get to do the fun socks they have to be in solid uniform colors. However we do have a little larger shirt variety than most. We have red, white, navy blue, light blue, maroon and hunter green (can't seem to find this color though). I just have to do something fun with her hair since we can't really dress anything else up outfit wise. I am not complaining though because I totally love the idea of uniforms and what they represent.