Day of the Cowboy

It is really nice to have such great friends who are active with their kids and want to do fun things. Becky and her two kids A1 & A2 joined Bay and I at Goldfield Mining Camp for Day of the Cowboy on Saturday. The kids really enjoyed themselves and despite the heat it was a nice break from all the "city stuff" we typically do.

Here is what you see when you come to town.

I have no clue what this is but it looked neat so I thought I would get a picture of it.

Bay and A1 get along really well so it makes playdates with them pretty easy.

We watched the Professor above try to sell his "Cure-All" to the townsfolk. His sales went south quickly when he got ran out of town. Bay asked me if I got a picture of that and I had to tell her no because he ran so quickly!

Here is one that shows her pretty eyes again. Sorry...can't help myself.

She was making friends with all of the cowboys and cowgirls that we came across and asked if she could get pictres with them. This particular one liked her so much that he gave her a gold (or bronze) coated dime so she had her own chunk of gold in her pocket!

Bay even got a picture with the town Floozy! She was well dressed for a floozy but who am I to judge!??!

Here was the gentleman who was standing by the floozy area so of course Bay had to make friends. I swear she has never met a stranger.

Here are our playmates for the day! Becky, A1 and A2. Like I said, it is nice to have friends who are active with their kids and don't just stick them in front of the tv for the weekend. We all had a nice time so I hope we can go and visit the area again once it cools down a bit. :c)

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